We are all artists, whether we work with our hands, push keys all day, or sell pretzels from a food cart. We all serve others, and there’s an art to that.

There’s a smooth line of concentration framing the eye of every dancer in the waltz of life. You. Me. Everyone. Are we thinking about, relaxing? sinking into that seat a the end of the piece? Heck, no! We’re focused on the music, and where we are in relation to our partner and the rest of the party.

Sitting is largely taken for granted.

This where I step in. I’m a sucker for stories, especially the stories ingrained in our furniture. So here it is. A place to tell those tales. Mostly of upholstery, because I enjoy the textile element, but not all. There’s room for anything sittable in this realm.

So relax, have a seat, and join me on this furniture journey.